To our valued customers,

We wanted to give an update on our ability to provide continuous care during this pandemic.  Veterinary services for agriculture businesses are essential to maintain the integrity of our food supplies.  We are the only large animal veterinarians for many of the areas we cover so it is important that we are able to continue working and providing needed care.

We would like to ask for everyone's help in keeping our staff healthy and functioning.  Within the practice we have multiple households with high risk family members.  If our vets come to you please maintain appropriate social distance.  Please let us know if you have been exposed, are quarantined for exposure, or are experiencing symptoms of Covid-19.  There may be times when we ask you to bring your animal to us for curbside transfer in order to minimize our exposure by allowing us to contain & provide animal handling in our office.  This will be the situation for all goat dehornings and pig castrations.  There may be times when we are only able to provide care by sending a second vet to you to provide safe animal handling while you, the owner maintain recommended social distance.  This is for your protection as well, as our vets are obviously out in the community traveling from farm to farm risking potential exposure and transport of the virus. 

We will provide our regular herd check appointments as well as urgent and emergency medicine for our food producers for as long as we are able.  We will also continue to provide emergency services to the best of our ability for all of our clients.  We will continue to schedule routine appointments for non food production clients but the scheduling will be for May forward.  Tara will be keeping regular office hours so please call or email with any questions.

Stay safe and healthy!

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